Upgrading from old CE2 site

Good morning. I am a long time user of TTG. Started with CE1 and my existing sites are CE2 (Maybe CE3, I can’t remember). I purchased Backlight when it first dropped years ago and never did anything with it. I am now wanting to finally redo my sites with the newest release and was curious if there is any documentation that tells me what I need to delete from my server to completely start from scratch? It has been so long since I built my existing sites, or even used any of their features (It has been so long that I had to recreate my account here to post!) but I do recall having to install various things in various places. I am fine with the sites being down for a bit during this process. My sites use these add-ons if it makes a difference on what I need to delete-

WordPress plug ins
Shopping cart

I see Rod is still part of the community and I recall both he and Matt were always super helpful, even with the dumbest of questions (of those I had quite a few).

In summary, if there is a document somewhere that walks me through this I couldn’t find it. Any assistance would be awesome. Thanks so much!

If it’s CE3 and you were using Publisher, you might be able to migrate that to Backlight but you’d first need to update to CE4 Publisher to do so. It gets a bit complicated.
Here’s how to update a CE4 site that uses Publisher:

If it’s CE2, then I think the easiest thing to do is to simply start from scratch.
But here’s an article I wrote about converting a non-Publisher CE4 or earlier site (assuming you want to keep galleries accessible during the transition)

If you don’t care about having those galleries accessible during transition, the easiest way to go is starting from scratch, you can basically delete nearly everything: all you previously uploaded from TTG export or Publisher. There may be files your host originally had on there. I don’t really know if they’re needed or not.
If you plan on continuing use Client Response, the Cart, and the WordPress theme, you’ll need to purchase the Backlight versions.

There is a tool for migrating CE4 Cart setting and orders, but I don’t think that will work for CE3 → Backlight, let alone CE2.

Client Response will require starting over, I believe.

Thanks for your quick response. I think they are CE3 as I was using my Lightroom publisher for the galleries. For me, I think it is easiest to simply delete it all instead of converting or patching anything. I don’t care if I lose any galleries or anything as I can simply redo anything lost. I just couldn’t recall if there were some folders hidden somewhere other than my default location. I host multiple sites through my hosts server so I would only delete things associated with my photo websites. I just want to start clean so there are, hopefully, no hiccups.

Good luck. Hopefully it will all go smoothly