Upload Error

Sent to Easyspace, my hosting provider:

"Some days ago, I successfully uploaded 200+ photos to my site [Galleries.PhotoLens.co.uk]. The same day, I had more to upload. However, they would not [please refer to attachment for error message]. Nothing had changed. I’ve deleted the site’s cache, I’ve deleted my PC’s cache, I’ve tried almost every day since, all to no avail.

"I can access the site via ftp, viewing the site online is possible [though incredibly slow].

"The software is Backlight - which in the past you state that you have not come across. It uploads material direct to the server, and not via ftp.

"Suggestions, please? "

[Attachment reads: @Can’t update this collection. Error uploading rendition. (Code: 418)]

Their reply:

"Hi David,

"Thanks for contacting Easyspace support.

"It is not possible to connect directly to the shared server and this can only be done via FTP.

"Can I confirm if you are using Blacklight or Lightroom? The screenshots provided show that Lightroom is being used but Backlight is mentioned in your response.

"To help troubleshoot further we would need more information on how you are connecting to the hosting using Blacklight. If possible can you please provide a screenshot of the settings being used. I would also advise using the option to connect via FTP if there is one to successfully upload the images to the site. "

The only difference between uploading 300 photos and the failed ones are 5 minutes.

This has gone on for a fortnight, comments and suggestions, please, please!

Are you using Backlight or Lightroom Publisher to upload albums?

There may be a low limit on the size of files you can upload. Check your php.ini file. Look for upload_max_filesize

Your php.ini file may be in the root of your site. You can download it and open and edit it with a plain text editor or a code editor.

Some C-panels will allow you to change some parameters of php.ini as well.

Or you can call your host’s technical support and ask them about upload_max_filesize

Thanks Rod, but I’d thought of that [sorry, didn’t mention it]. The photos to upload [via Lightroom] are no different in size then the ones uploaded earlier in the day - nor different in size to the thousands previously uploaded. Nor are there any more to upload in one session than many times previously.

I have no trouble uploading to my other site: Huddersfield Rugby League Heritage - Visual Archive. I can even upload my personal photos to this site. So what setting might I have inadvertently altered in my Galleries site? API authentication check was successful.

And what’s the best reply to Easyspace’s comment, please?

Hi @DaveC, this is likely an error that Backlight has generated. The error messages should be saved in a file named with the date under backlight/data/publisher/logs, e.g. 2024_05_21.log.

Can you try and find a file matching the date when you’ve experienced the error and send the contents in a message to me? (by clicking on my profile name followed by Message)