Use LR on more PCs, is against the same album sets

I use more pc / mac to install Backlight album. I have my diary where I enter pictures (Norway, Iceland…).

The structure is January as a set, Jan 1 Jan 2 … as an album. How can I get the January set to be active on all machines


Since albums and sets are catalog specific, you would need to be using the same catalog on both machines. This is a Lightroom limitation.

You can try using the Lightroom Voyager plug-in to transfer Publisher collections from one catalog to another.

The other option is to use Backlight Publisher to publish albums, but you won’t be able to control those albums with Lightroom.

Hi, all my photos are uploaded with Lightroom Pblisher.
If I change in Lightroom to - managed by backlight - can I use for all photos in future backlight publisher? Change existing albums, sort them new, upload new images into the old existing albums etc. ?


With Backlight Publisher, you can add to any existing album or set, even those created by Lightroom Publisher.
The downside is that any albums or images you add with Backlight Publisher cannot be controlled with Lightroom Publisher.

You can change a Lightroom published album to “managed by Backlight” by editing the album in Backlight Publisher and going to the Advanced Settings tab.

The Backlight docs discourage mixing albums with Lightroom and Backlight published images. It can create a confusing image management mess.

IMO, if you want to publish images from multiple locations or computers, it’s best NOT to use the Lr Publisher, and just use Backlight’s Publisher for everything.

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