Use of "Tag Line" in phpplugins?

OK, so I did a dumb thing, but it worked and I got the result I wanted. I put a “tag line” or “one liner” (marketing speak, yuck) in phpplugins, and well, I realized I need to make it configurable. I had tried to use the “tag line” in the masthead/template set up, but it didn’t work, and messed up my phpplugins customized masthead. So I wondered if I could just set the masthead tag line in Backlight, even if I’m not using it and some how can access the value inside masthead_primary_top function. Or if there is some other way of configuring some other field that I can access in the function.

Have you tried setting the return value to true? That way, I believe that the normal Backlight masthead will appear after whatever content you place in the masthead_primary_top hook.
Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.

No, I hadn’t. But not sure if it will work like I want. I need it above the navigation like the Masthead would do, but there is a parenthetical comment under the tag line field that says it’s not displayed in all circumstances, and not knowing what those are, not sure I can rely on it.

You can easily test this by creating a test page template and assign it to a test page. Make changes to the masthead location in the template and see what happens.

You also might try using the header_bottom hook, that seems to work well for placing content after the masthead but before the horizontal navigation…

If you can create a mock-up of what you’re trying to do, it might make it easier for us to make recommendations.

A link to the site would help too.

Mostly how I have it right now is how I want it—on desktop any way. It’s just that I don’t want to have to edit phpplugins.php in order to change it.

The easiest way I know of is to simply change the text in the phplugins file as needed.
I have no idea how to query the database to access the tagline text and then insert it.
Maybe Ben or Matt or Daniel will know how.

The easiest thing is to add code in the content body of your page template. Something like:

<div id="tagline" style="display:none;">
  <p>Mmmm, baby! Photos!</p>

Then use jQuery via PHPlugins to grab it and move it elsewhere:


Where target is the selector of whichever element you want to attach to.