User of CE3; it's suddenly not working, would like to upgrade

Hi all, it’s been some years since I visited the TTG forums. I’ve been happily using CE3 Publisher for years, and find that I can’t connect to my site through the CE3 Publisher Service. Oddly, if I create a new instance of TTG CE3 Publisher, I can connect. Not sure what to do about this and have written directly to Matt in hopes he can help.

Meanwhile, upgrading to the current software, which I guess is Backlight 3, seems like a good idea. I only want to display galleries. Can anyone advise on which elements of the software I’d want to buy, and is there a guide on how to go about updating the old site to a new one? When I set this up several years ago, it required some hand-holding… :slight_smile:

thanks for any help and insight,

For just albums (galleries) and album sets (auto indexes) you just need Backlight.

Since you were using Publisher, if Matt can get you a copy of CE4 Publisher you can migrate your albums from CE3 to CE4. After that, you could migrate them to Backlight.

Here’s a link to the CE4 documentation for migrating from CE3 to CE4:

I recently helped another person with that migration and I wrote up some notes. If you can wait a few days I’ll try putting together a post on doing it. (I’m out of town for the rest of this week)

In the meantime, here’s a guide to updating from CE4 to Backlight and some of the things to consider as far as what files you need to hold on to and what will need deleting.

Thanks, Rod! I managed to fix the problem. Seems that the same day LR Classic was updated, an SSL certificate was also added to my site. In order to get CE3 working again, I just had to add an “s” to http:// :slight_smile:

However, I’d like to get current, even though the migration seems like a lot of work!

Getting current is a great idea, and we’d be happy to help. There are really two paths, depending on your preference:

  1. As Rod suggested, and if you want to keep your existing galleries, then we get a copy of CE4 into your hands, and you perform that upgrade. Then migrate the CE4 galleries to Backlight 3.

  2. The nuclear option (often my personal favorite), you just do away with the old, and begin with Backlight 3 as a clean slate.