User profile lost during migration?


Seems I’ve not visited since the site migration. With that I couldn’t log into this site with my old credentials. In fact this site didn’t even recognize my registration email address used at the other site.

Long story short I had to recreate (created) the exact user profile used at the other site, i.e. the exact user name and email address (changed password) used at previous site.

So… can I have my old profile migrated here since I’m still using the same user name? Or is that not allowed?

Thanks, the former and still… admint :slight_smile:

not possible. It’s completely new forum software

It was also kind of the point. We had something like 10,000 bogus accounts registered in the old forum.

So than what happened to me wasn’t unusual - we all had to create new accounts?

And now I get the newbie treatment all over again :roll_eyes:

yep, what happened to you happened to everyone else

Just spend a bit of time in the forum and look at some post, maybe in, comment, and you won’t be a ‘newbie’ anymore.

I really like the new forum. It is so much better than the old one!

I’ve increased your trust level so you should be able to do things like post images, send direct messages, etc.

Thank you Rod; appreciate that.

Will talk later as I’ve got a few questions on custom CSS for BL3. Will post those when I’m ready.