Using Font Awsome

Matt - I understand you have licensed Font Awsome for our use on BL websites. Great tool but as I started playing around with it I noticed the majority of the icons on the Font Awsome site are greyed out and not accessible. Is this the way the license is set up or is there a trick to logging in at their site? Thanks.

you don’t have to log in. just click on the icon. On the resulting page, just copy the pertinent code.

That works for me.

Rod - that’s not the question - that does work for icons that are not greyed out. The question is are we limited in what icons are available? When I go to the site the vast majority of the icons are greyed out and when I click on one it wants me to have a Pro subscription. The ones not greyed out are listed as free to anyone for use. I’m just curious about access to all or only the free icons?

Yes, but when you click on those that are grayed out (Pro), you can still see the codes needed to use those icons. For example, Square Root is a pro icon. But when you click on it, you can still copy the code:

And that code will work in your site because Matt has the license.
I’ve put three Pro icons on a page in my test site. They all show:

Or can’t you click on the grayed out icons and get to a page like the one I shared above?

Thanks Rod - When I hit the icon and it said pro subscription I did not try to click further. I just tried it and yes, I now see the larger page with the code. Thanks for clarifying! Have a great rest if your day.