Vary Price-Schema depending on Item amount

Hi Folks,

I am new to BL4 and running it now for couple of days. Nice work!

I’d like to vary the prices for products depending on how many items a customer adds to cart.

Is this possible?


That is not a feature of discounts. There are discount bands based on the amount being spent and discount codes that offer discounts on the total price

Hi Rob,

thanks for your quick reply.
I have already tried Discount Bands, but as far as I can see, these Bands are globally for all albums I have.
I would need the Bands to be individually for albums.

For better understanding - I try to realize upselling :wink:

Yeah, discounts are global.

I suppose you could make an offer where if the customer buys a certain number of items, that you will email a coupon worth a certain amount towards their next purchase.
You can configure coupons with an amount and an expiration date.

Mailing the customer a code after buying is too late for upselling.
Communicating disount codes for different amounts of items confuses the customer in my opinion. Futhermore the customer could use a “Coupon for 100 pics” when only buying 1 pic.
This all leeds to heavily communication and misunderstandings.

Therefore I tend to create multiple copies for an album with different price schemas (min buy amount).

I was wondering if anyone knows about a better solution

Have you looked into the Packages feature in Cart?

Yes I took a look in it and tried it out. But honestly…? No one really understands how it works :slight_smile: Well, I understand it now - after playing around with it for couple of times. But I am not sure if this really helps upselling.

But you are right. Maybe I dig a bit deeper in Packages to see if I can figure out a way that is more intuitive for my customers.

And maybe others will chime in with any solutions they’ve come up with