Vegas Slideshow Image Quality

I am having a problem that I cannot track down with image quality.

The screen shot on the left was exported from Lightroom to an album with the theater plugin template using the Vegas Slideshow. Quality is set to max (84), (normally, I never go that high) Sharpening is set to ON for SCREEN. As you can see the image is blurry.
Here is the URL:

The image on the right was exported from Lightroom with the same pixel dimension as above with Quality 79, Sharpening OFF.

The same thing is happening with other static image galleries in the same album set.

I do not have this problem in other album sets.

Thanks in advance

Double check the rendition size set in the template.
Looks like it’s set to 320px on the long side.


Be sure to republish the images after changing any settings

This is what my settings were:

However, even though I had cleared my cashe several times, the problem was not corrected until I deleted the offending albums and reuploaded them with a different name. I have no idea how those low-resolution images got there, but the problem is now fixed. Thanks for your help!

If you published the album prior to changing the template settings, that could explain things.

I could have changed the settings when I was trying to make the before and after thing work the way I wanted it to the weeks before I posted the above. Luckily I was able to finally figure it out and more importantly it now works as expected. Thanks again!