Video embedding

I have a problem to correctly showing a Vimeo-video in a freshly created album.
I have followed all the steps in trying to realize a video to show in an album, however the (correct link) is not accepted. When I copy the full embed code in the content-area of the album-design, the video is nicely presented (in the content area!!). See: IJsland - Silvester Povel | Photography

As for the album design: The base Album is made using the Theater Add-on, with Presentation Type: “Video” and Video Source: “Vimeo” set.The Video ID (Impressies van IJsland on Vimeo) is entered in the PageContent TAB of the LR Album setup.
Later I added the above content in the “copy”-area of the album-design

The LR details read as follows:


This is what I entered in the content area of the album:

In the video ID field, you only need the ID number, not the entire URL


To embed video from Vimeo, get the video ID from the video’s web address. For example, the typical Vimeo URL will look like this:

And you would just need to copy the ID –- 47564100 -– from the end, then paste it into the Video ID field.

You don’t need the i-frame in the content area. Just use some descriptive text

I did not understand that you only require the number :grinning:
I included the iframe in the contant to show that it could work.

Thanks a lot, again