Vimeo video embeds

Im using Backlight 2 and recently subscribed to Vimeo (trial subscription) to embed videos via the Theater add on module. I have two problems/issues. 1) How do you embed multiple videos in one album? The documentation describes how to embed one video using the LR plugin module:, by inserting the video ID into the Video ID field of the page content tab in LR publishing services. But like you can have multiple photos in an album, how do you embed multiple videos in an album?
2) With this first attempt of working with Vimeo I have uploaded 2 videos and followed the above process to embed one of the two in my website. However, when playing the video from my website,, both videos are available to play, one followed by the other, vice just the one I provided the ID for in LR publisher. Thoughts?? Thanks

  1. You are limited to one video per album

  2. since you’re playing a video from your Vimeo channel, I’m guessing that there’s a Vimeo setting that will play the “next” video. Check your settings on Vimeo

You can use the video template together with an album set to create a “video album” …

So, one video per album, but the Album Set would be used to create a thumbnail grid of all your videos.

Thanks Rob and Matt. Go it