Want to select image for page link

In our PR, we often have a URL link. For our calendar page, however, Facebook, etc. keeps selecting one of the images that is way down the page. How do I tell Backlight to use another image?

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I think it is the cover image that is used. Do you have a link?


We are not talking album, rather a Backlight-authored web page, to wit https://www.BCphotoadventures.com/calendar/ that always shows up with the alumni gathering image as in the following capture:


I would rather pick one of the workshops image in the calendar.

Thanks, I hope. I know it is something dumb.

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Ah… Create a gallery with one image and select ‘hide from album-set’, then add this gallery to your calendar page. That should do the trick.

The image will then be picked-up by Fb.

Also, if the page has been shared previously, Facebook will have cached it, and will not update the photo. You can usually flush the page for a given URL here: