Watermark on Hero Image

Is there a way to not have a watermark on the hero image in Backlight 5? I create my galleries in Lightroom and have no watermarks on thumbnails, but watermarks on on the images when viewed. I do not see an option to not have a watermark on the hero image. Also wondering if there is a way to have a hero image but not have it show up in the actual gallery.

Yes to both! You can upload a custom Hero image.
First create a Hero image sized for your needs.
In Backlight Publisher, click on the album name. On the left you see Base Settings. In the Hero Image section, click on “upload custom” and navigate to where you saved your custom Hero image.

see this for more

Thank you!!

Bear in mind that when you assign a Hero image from your album, then it’s using the same large photo rendition viewed in the slideshow, which in your case is a watermarked image.

So, that’s context. As for the fix, @rod_barbee’s advice is spot on.