Watermark PROBLEMS


With the help of Rod, we have now come to a brickwall. Let me explain:

I publish direct from Lightroom.

I have created albums, setup a watermark and when published, the watermark appears on all thumbnails without any issues.

The issue is this… only some watermarks appear on the larger image when clicking a thumbnail, more often than not, they dont… an awful lot do NOT appear on the large image, which is the biggest problem as someone could steal the image very easily.

I have reset the cart and I have reset the template, I have used Google Chrome and BING and reset the cache on the browsers all to no avail, as nothing I do seems to make a difference.

Can anyone help me?? Because this is a fundamental problem with my galleries. Not suggesting its backlight, but I am now completely stuck as to what to do.

Just wondering if this may be an issue with php8?? Anyone know?

Can you share a link that shows the issue?

Hi @davidp, on your Backlight settings page, is “Publish Master Renditions from Lightroom” set to yes or no?

If yes then the issue is in Backlight, if no then the issue is with Lightroom.

Also, can you provide a link to a specific gallery where we can see this? Can you also provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can check your settings. The best way to do so is by clicking my profile name then clicking on Message.

Hi @Ben,
David sent me his API url to test from my end. I was able to publish an album with watermarks on both thumbs and large images. He’s getting watermarks on thumbs only.
So it’s rather strange. I’ve suggested resetting preferences in Lightroom so see if that clears things up.

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That would be my suggestion too. Another option is to use the export function with the same settings for resolution and watermarks and see if the problem persists outside of our Publisher plugin.