Web site is not displaying properly - no changes have been made

I haven’t made any edits to the page in a while, yet the site is no longer showing correctly.
Is there a problem using this version (??) of Backlight now?

Your host may have updated your site to a newer version of php, like 8.2.

What version of Backlight are you using?

The latest version of Backlight is compatible with php 8.2

If you don’t want to update, you could try reverting your site to an earlier version of php (assuming a php version change caused the problem).

The problem looks to be that you’re loading the site via HTTPS, but attempting to load resources via HTTP. This is indicative of a configuration error. Go into Backlight’s settings and update your site address(es) to use HTTPS protocol.

Thanks Rod & Matthew.
Edited the Backlight settings so the site addresses are now https worked!

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