Website Down Again

I just started using Dreamhost and the last few days I’ve been working on my site. Two nights ago it went down after a few hour of working on it, and again tonight. I contacted Dreamhost support and they were able to kill a process that took it down. See below:

thank you for waiting, I was able to kill the process that was stuck causing the issue, still I’m investigating the root cause so this issue does not happen again, please stay with me
I appreciate your patience, the error is related to the following entry:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in PageController.php on line 289”}, referer: Home - Bob Leggett Photography

This seems to be a code bug in which a function of your site is passing the wrong type of data causing the site to start consuming way too many resources, this brings the site down, please try contacting the site developer to fix this bug and to avoid the site coming down again

what version of Backlight are you using?

what version of php is your host running?

HI Rod,

I’m using Backlight 5.4.1 and the host is running 8.2.


@Ben will need to look.
I’m also up to date on Backlight and my host is also using php 8.2 (8.2.18, to be precise) and I’m not having the same issues.

Hi @BobL, this looks to be caused by the page trying to include an embedded album that no longer exists. Backlight should be checking for this before trying to get data from the album. Can you edit the page in Designer and choose another embedded album? (or no album at all).

Hi Ben,

My host mentioned the my site was using to many resources which brought the site down. Since he freed up the resources I’ve not had any issues on my end.
But both times it went down I was in the middle of making changes, and it just disappeared, and I couldn’t reconnect. Today I made a few changes with albums and had no issue.

Not sure if I answered your question.


Hi @BobL,

I’ve looked further into this. The error occurs when you have a page with an embedded album or album set, that album or album set no longer exists, and you’re viewing the page with auto-refresh on (the spinning item in the footer when logged in as admin).
Does that sound like something that could have been happening? If you use auto-refresh then that should be enough to know it’s probably the cause.

The auto-refresh sends a background request to the server every three seconds. This is so that updates are reasonably responsive if you are using the Designer in one window and previewing the changes in another. In that scenario, there would be one PHP error every three seconds. That shouldn’t be enough to overwhelm a server, but it may have exceeded some configured threshold that your host had in place. (or the server is under-specced).

I’ll push an update to address this bug.

Hi @BobL, I’ve pushed a silent update to address this issue. It can be obtained by logging into Backlight and clicking Reinstall next to module-designer on the Backlight Modules page.
You shouldn’t notice any changes, as the error didn’t result in anything apparent in the browser.

Hi Ben,

That’s exactly what I was doing, on multiple pages at the times it happened. I had one screen showing my site with auto refresh running, and the other screen working with designer. I’ve reinstalled the module, thanks for all you help!