Weird Issue with BL 4

I have my Album Set displaying beautifully with the new Journal template. But once I close my browser and re-open the page the album thumbnails are no longer there, just a blank page with header only. This happens with Firefox, Chrome, and the chrome-based Edge. If I stay logged into backlight and save the Journal template without any changes I can do a refresh on any of the browsers and the page is back to normal. Once I close the browsers the only way to get the album set to display again is to go into Backlight and save the Journal Template.

Can you share a link? Would be helpful to see whether any errors are thrown to the console, or in the network traffic.

Is the album protected?

Not protected

Hm. Two issues I’m seeing.

  1. Google is blocking your analytics. Maybe you’re not configured properly with Google, or you’re using a bad API key. Let’s being by disabling Google Analytics for Backlight. You can try setting up again later.

  2. Access is forbidden for loading from Backlight’s JSON API. We’re doing some internal authentication, so this shouldn’t be an issue, but maybe Ben will have some ideas. In the meantime, go to Backlight’s settings and enable the JSON API.

Let us know whether that works, and also when you’ve made the changes, so that I can take another look at things.

Hi Luke, the call to the Backlight JSON API is being denied. I can’t tell whether that’s because of something in Backlight or the web server. Can you please provide me with FTP access and a Backlight admin login via Direct Message so that I can look further into this?

Those two changes fid the trick - thanks!

Ben - The changes Matthew suggested did the trick. Do you still need this info?

Hi Luke, if it’s possible to provide the details. It’s great that Matt’s changes worked, but there’s still an underlying issue that I’d like to solve.

Hi @Luke_Miller, thanks for the FTP access and letting me look further into this issue on your site.
I’ve identified the issue. The authentication method uses a token that’s stored in the session. A coding issue has caused this to be cached with the template, meaning the API Call is trying to compare a current token with a stale token. This didn’t come up in testing because I switch that caching off during development so that I don’t have to clear the template cache for every single change. We’ll have a fix for this soon.

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