WP Theme Add-on making problems

Just purchased this addon.
In contrast to the legacy CE World I’m facing issues using the exported Theme in WP.
I took me hours of investigation that the used BL WP Theme is the root case. Using any other theme solves the issue.

The issue: in list view the thumbnails in WP Media are no longer shown.

I’m seeing the same thing. The thumbnails show up in the grid view though.

Hopefully Matt / Ben can fix the Problem

Interesting. I’ve never noticed, because I’ve never clicked into the list view. If you view the library in the grid view, do you see the thumbnails? (I do.)

Grid view OK
List View NOK

Great. At least we’re seeing the same thing. I can work with that.

Hi Matt, any update on this issue?

Yeah, fix is in for next update. Not sure when that will be though. If you want this now, then:

Edit backlight/modules/pangolin-wordpress/dynamic/view/inc/theme_posts.php


	if ( ! function_exists( 'mod_gallery_image_attributes' ) ) :
		function mod_gallery_image_attributes($attributes) {

On the next line, add:

			// If in Wordpress admin, do not setup lazy-load.
			if (is_admin) {
				return $attributes;

Save file. Re-export your theme to Wordpress.

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Hi Matt
In list view the thumbnails in WP Media are now also shown.
But for each and every picture I now get the following message

Line 145 looks like this:

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it.

Is the issue interfering with functionality, or is it just ugly?

Actually it is only ugly. But the message says that there will be an issue in the Future …

I just updated to the latest version of Wordpress, and I’m seeing no such issue in the Media list. What version of Wordpress are you on? Can you please ensure you’re running the latest, if possible?

I‘m on version 5.8.1 facing the issue described

I’m also on the latest version of WP (5.8.1) and am not seeing the problem. Have you tried disabling all plugins to see if the problem goes away? If it does, start re-enabling them until it appears again. That will help in pinpointing any problem.

Hi @dvdfan001, I’ve found what appears to be the issue and put in a fix. Can you try the following?

  1. Visit Admin > Backlight Modules
  2. Click the ‘Reinstall’ link for the entry for ‘Backlight Add-on: WP Theme’
  3. Visit Designer > Templates
  4. Click on the name of the template you’re using for your WP Site
  5. Click on ‘Export Theme to Wordpress’

Hi Ben, THX for your support, now ist is working fine.

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