Wrokflow for updating albums

I wonder what is the “correct” workflow for updating albums after making a template change (my site is currently managed by LR)

For example, after changing Album/Photo Presentation/Captions tokens, I then:

  1. manually find and list each album which uses that template
  2. (in LR) “Mark to republish” album or set
  3. (in LR) “Publish”
  4. iterate 2 and 3 for each album on the list

Is this a “correct” workflow after updating templates?


Yes. But to speed things up, if you’ve not made changes to the images themselves (whether in Photoshop, Lightroom’s Develop module, or adding a watermark), you can edit the TTG Publisher settings (Lightroom) and check the “Push Metadata without updating existing photos” box. This will just update the metadata.

Ok got it.
Thanks Rod for confirming