I once hat the wish (nobody agreed it would be helpful :-D, some replied: use wetransfert - but why use two tools!?) to let clients download ZIP Files with the whole album.
i respect, its a lot of work, but maybe there is an easier way:
i create my own ZIP and upload it with the images for the gallery.

but ZIP Files cannot be uploaded :frowning:

any workaround?

Best, Oreste

You should be able to upload zip files using FTP. Then just provide the link to client with a text link in the album

you guys have to much time for wasting in your process.
i want to optimize my process :wink: @rod_barbee

Since there is no automated option in Backlight, manually uploading a zip and providing a link is the option,

thats, why i am asking for a change or optimization, and not for one more step in my workflow

I gave you what you asked for, a workaround.
There was no reason to get snarky with someone just trying to help.


appreciate!!! maybe its more a native and non native language issue! sorry

however, yes my “workaround” was maybe not clear, but then i could use WeTransfer too.

Regards, Oreste

no worries