Album Set Templates necessary?

My question is a question of general understanding of concepts:

I try to makeup a new Site using an old Site (all BL3)
I have a new album ready for first sync in Lightroom.

Before syncing, I thought I check situation in BL Backend.
Publisher / Top-level Galleries
I see this:

when trying to edit:

Under Designer / Templates, I see that there is no Album Set Template created:

Should I create one? do I need it? (I do not plan deep hierarchical structure, only albums on top-level.
And If I create one, (if necessary)… should I consider something before syncing from Lightroom to place the album?
Thank you for any advice.

I suspect that the templates aren’t appearing because they’re using the Okapi web modules. These need the standard web modules installed.
You can do this by visiting Backlight > Backlight Modules and installing the Okapi web modules from there.

Okapi has been deprecated and replaced with Pangolin. I suggest that once you fix this you look into creating and assigning new templates using Pangolin.

Hi Ben,
No, I only used Pangolin, from the beginning on.
Do I need a standard-Album Set Template? as I do not plan deep hierarchical structure, only albums on top-level.
And If I create one, (if necessary)… should I consider something before syncing from Lightroom to place the album?
I try to get an overview and understanding of the task using one complete BL3-Website to start a new similar one.

Create an album set template. The Galleries page is actually an album set so you definitely need the template.

You can assign your new template to the Galleries page in Backlight by going to Publisher. Click on Galleries and Edit top-level gallery then Base settings, You can assign the template there.

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Thanks, I did as you advised.
I am still struggling… now from the other end… trying to fix upload from LR.
I already opened TTG Publisher Settings but got stuck in authentication.
I tried to contra-check the api in BL Settings… but I cannot edit. As for security reasons the api is not readable, I have problems in checking if this might be the problem for my error.

First make sure that the Site URL in Backlight Settings matches the first part of your API url
If you’re using www in your site url, make sure that the API url does too.

You can make sure that the API keys match by just creating a new one in Backlight and paste the same thing into Lightroom Publisher

Ok… I managed to overcome this… I had to switch on advanced settings, switch on quick settings at startup, logout and relogin and then I found my api in the quicksettings.

But now I am stuck a step further.

what could that be?

There is another TTG Publisher working with a BL1 site, so I dont think that systems`s temporary directory is good for the other but bad for this one.
Plugin Version: 5.0.2

The current version of the Lightroom pluginis 5.2.1
The first thing to try is downloading and installing the latest version. You can get it from your Backlight Modules page

ok… I have done so… didn`t change the error message
authentification is fine…
but no image upload.

I also updated “album files”. The result was telling me I have 2 Top-level gallery directories… so I thought, it might be better to delete the superflu one… but could not find were… could this be part of the problem?

you can delete top-level galleries from the Publisher section in Backlight. In Publisher, click the name of the top-level gallery. Then click delete.

What size images are you uploading?

Just from previous problems like this, that error message might imply a server problem with the host.

I think Ben will need to take a look.

2004 x 3608 px but this size went without problem in anothers TTG Publishers album to an old Backlight1 site just now
And because the connection doesnt work I cannot delete the albums and so I cannot delete top-level-gallery… but I found the place where it should be done.

So the TTG Publisher to Backlight 1 is working.
The TTG Publisher to the new Backlight 3 is not uploading (although authentication went through)image

Are they on the same server under the same host?

Are you trying to delete them from Backlight or from the Lightroom Publisher?
If they don’t delete from Lightroom correctly, you should still be able to delete from within Backlight

Yes Rod, they are lying on the same server next to each other.
Difference is only BL1 and BL3 as I can see.
I did not try to delete albums from the BL-Backend… also because I didn`t believe that this is important to solve the problem… but I will do that now.

The broken connection though is my problem.

Have you tried clicking on the “Uodate Album Files” link on the main Backlight dashboard under Special Links?

I still think @Ben will need to take a look though.

Ok… maybe the errors can help clearing up?
I cannot delete albums,
not the top-level-gallery “styles” ,
nor the contained albums.
The new top-level-gallery “artwork” does not give errors nor does the contained album)