All images gone from essay and new uploads don't show

I’ve used essay last year but never liked it though it worked. Now it doesn’t work anymore.

In what way does it not work any more? Any error messages?
Kookaburra or Pangolin?
Is this happening in all essays?
Is everything up to date?
do you have a link to share?

In what way does it not work any more? Any error messages?
All image gone and no images in the window which activates from the icon on the page
No messages

Kookaburra or Pangolin?

Is this happening in all essays?

Is everything up to date?

do you have a link to share?

it seemes to show uploaded files on the 2024 page but they don’t show anywhere else
I don’t like the whole system and I recently built a page with just text and HTML img tags. Works always.

@Matthew will need to take a look. I can see that the images are being called but, as you said, they’re not appearing.

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for the time being I’ve reverted to a normal page with HTML but the link remains in use though no longer via the menu

Are you running any PHPlugins at all? If so, have you tried disabling them?

Access to your Backlight admin would be helpful. Can you DM me a login, please?

For some reason, the album response has an empty photos array.

The status at the moment is:

  1. I am logged in.
  2. The album ‘Finland March 2024’ contains 7 images of which 4 appear twice(???)
  3. When I open the album in the browser and click the icon to open the window to select the images it is empty
  4. But at this moment that icon is gone and I am logged in
  5. I never deleted the images of the 2023 album

I’m not seeing any images in that album at all. Not even references in the page source code.

I’m wondering if this is an issue with files being served from a non-secure source (something similar recently came up in the forum where regular albums weren’t appearing correctly).

Try this:
In Backlight Settings > Personalization, make sure that the Site URL starts with https
In Backlight Settings > Privacy, make sure that Automatically Redirect Browsers To https is set to Yes

@matthew asked a few days ago

Did you send him the login so he can analyze why the JSON API provides an empty response?

both are ‘yes’

I have not installed PHP plugins myself.


Last year I had a similar problem which we solved back then. That solution however doesn’t apply now.

It still doesn’t work. I still have photos in the album of 2024 and the button still does not appear and when it still did it delivered no photo’s to pick.
The problem still persists.
This problem has ruined my 2023 blog.

I just started to remove the old 2023 Essays version and transfer it to a normal working page. I still have a test album in my menu to regular chek the status of the essay-system. It seemes to work again but I sure as hell don’t trust it anymore.