Backlight/Publisher gallery not displaying properly

Just installed backlight and the LR publisher plugin. Got everything synced up and uploaded a test page through LR. For whatever reason it looks like this:

I used to use the old CE4 Web Publishing Bundle but Backlight is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

check that you have the full url to the site in Settings > Site URL

Right now, the path to css file has backlight/ in it twice

rod_barbee, thanks for the help. Are you able to provide any insight as to why the template isn’t displaying properly now (from the link above)?

I also tried importing a different template and I’m getting this error when I click on “Import Templates”

Something went wrong
Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated in Controller.php on line 59

As mentioned earlier, it could be your URL settings. Make sure that the Site URL is correct in Settings > Personalisation > Site URL

Can you post a screen shot of that setting?

What version of Backlight was the template you’re trying to import created from?

What is odd to me is that if I click on an individual photo, it seems to display everything properly.

hmmm. What’s your API URL as entered in Lightroom?

However, I created a test album within backlight and uploaded the photos there and it’s doing the same thing.

It looks like you’re using Backlight for only your galleries (not the basis of the entire site)
When you installed Backlight, you didn’t happen to upload the index.php and .htaccess files from the root of the unzipped Installer folder to the backlight/ folder?

If so, go back to the unzipped Installer folder and upload the index.php and .htaccess files from the backlight/ folder to the backlight/ folder on the site

I installed the entire Backlight contents within the zip folder to the TTGBL subfolder of my site. Regardless, I just reinstalled the backlight index and htaccess files from the backlight folder into the same folder on my site. Nothing changed. Galleries - Contrast Images looks normal and all the other pages within (about, contact) but if I click on a specific gallery, Valdez or test, it looks incomplete. I could always delete everything and reinstall fresh. Its not as if I’ve made major modifications.

Could be a server configuration issue, but @Ben will need to look into that

I ended up starting fresh and it seems to be working now. However, I’m still having the issue with uploading templates. I’m downloading templates from here Presets - The Turning Gate and then trying to go to import template but I’m getting that conversion error. Any idea why that’s giving me issues? Sorry for being so needy…

not sure. What version of PHP is your host using?
You can find out by going to Backlight>Admin>Special Links and clicking on View PHP Info

Hi @killermonkey, I’m not sure what’s causing that error. Can you email me the template file to ttgben at (replacing " at " with @) so that I can try to work out what’s failing?

@Ben I don’t think the template file is the issue. It when I’m in the backlight backend and I’m going to the import template area in the menu (Backlight) that I get that error.

Exactly when is the error popping up? Are you able to click on the browse button and navigate to where the preset file is?
Is that file a .txt file?

@rod_barbee it’s happening when I click here. As soon as I click “Import Template” I am presented with the red “Something went wrong” error.

I’ve never seen anything like that crop up.
On the off-chance something got corrupted during installation, go to your Backlight Modules page and click on the Reinstall All link