Can BL remove WM on paid downloads?

I am using an obtrusive watermark to discourage downloading without paying. Is there any way I can have BL remove the watermark on paid downloads automatically? I know I can fulfill orders manually without a watermark.

Using the sandbox feature I am getting the watermarked image even with “exclude watermark in photos for purchased” checked in Lightroom.

did you originally publish the album without the exclude watermark box checked? If so, you need to republish the images

I’ll republish. Hopefully, that’ll fix it. Thanks.

When you do, make sure that “Push metadata without updating existing photos” or the “Publish thumbnails without updating other renditions” are not checked in the TTG Publisher settings

Okay. Thanks for that tip.

I trying to get BL4 and Cart 7 to remove the watermarks from paid purchases. Below are my current settings. I’ve tried multiple settings with Downloads - Source in BL but the watermarks persist. Help!

Lightroom -
Edit Album>> Features>>
Exclude watermarks in thumbnails (Checked)
Exclude watermarks in photos-for-purchase (Checked)

Backlight Administration -
Designer>> Templates>> Album Templates>> Design>> Advanced Setup>> Download-Source
Create custom download rendition via Publisher

I’ve republished all 335 photos after making each change.

Is Push metadata without updating existing photos in Lr Publisher settings checked by any chance?

Blockquote Is Push metadata without updating existing photos in Lr Publisher settings checked by any chance?

No, it is not. It takes about 45 minutes to republish the photos after each change.

Can you try creating a new album with the same template? add just one or two images and see if the paid downloads are watermark free.

One thought, are you going through the purchasing procedure, getting the download link from the purchase, and then downloading those images?

What I can do, is remove about 300 photos using the same cart.
Yes, I am going through the entire purchase using the Paypal sandbox.

I need to get this cart live ASAP.

This setting is for the regular downloads that are directly available in the album. The downloads for purchase are configured in the Cart add-on section of the album template. Have you set that up?

The only difference is

the width and height of the photos.

I created a second album and am getting an error.

Barktoberfest 21 is the 2nd album but I can’'t add photos to the cart.

I’m having brain freezes. Seems like there is somethign I should do to enable selling but I can’t remember what.

Looks like I’m going to wind up on the losing end. I’m going to have to remove the watermark and for those who choose to be honest, I might get a sale or two if I can figure this out tonight.

I’m able to add items to the cart from the first album. The second one is giving the “No products available for purchase” error.
Make sure you’ve got all pricing filled out. When you go to Backlight > Cart > Pricing Schemes, is anything highlighted with red text?
Make sure that in Lightroom, you’ve added the correct pricing scheme to the album settings under Integration. The pricing scheme is case sensitive so it must match the name of the scheme exactly.

default and premium was incomplete. I shouldn’t be using them. I did however, update the pricing in both.

Can I message you some temp admin credentials so that you can take a closer look?

One other thing to try is resetting the cart. In Backlight click on Cart. In the Cart dashboard, click on “Reset the customer’s cart in this browser”


I just sent the credentials. I’ll try your last suggesting and if they doesn’t work, then I’ll let you know and you can take a look.