Cart - manage pricing with percents

Hi all,

after configuring my cart with the help of the grandmasters Ben, Rod and Daniel I’m running in another problem:
I call my product Book and give it a fixed price of a minimum of 70.
Then I added attributes like size, run, distribution area with several options, all with type “percentage”.
I expected that every selected option e.g. size = 1/2 page, then run=10.000, then placement=cover was adding the percents to the last calculated price.
But instead every instance added the value of the percents to the first given price of 70 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please, how can that be changed?
The base price is 70
plus another option e.g. size:1/2 page - 10% = 77
plus run: 10.000 - 10% = 84.7
plus placement: cover - 100%= 169,4 Dollar :wink:

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Right. From the documentation:

The prices set for percentage attributes are added on as a percentage of the base price.

Thank you Rod for your reply.

The prices set for percentage attributes are added on as a percentage of the base price.

This makes it more complicated for me to setup a calculating scheme.
Don’t you think it would be easier if the next percentage was based on the previous one instead of the base price?

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Guess that depends on what’s being sold. The cart pricing has been like this for a long, long time. Ben set it up based mainly on selling prints, I assume. And setting percentages based on the price of the print makes sense.

If you can’t get the existing percentage method to work out for you, you might consider using the cart to get the information needed (pricing everything at 0). And then respond to the potential customer with a quote.

I’ll look into adding a setting for percentages to be compounded.

Ben, that would be super! :smiley: :+1:

Hi Oliver, I’ve added this in to our testing stream. If you’re still using that version (as set in the instructions I posted here: CART adding categories? )
then you should be able to see an update to Cart in the Backlight Modules page for 7.0.2.

This adds an additional setting in the Cart settings in the Pricing and Formats section:

This should operate as you expect. For example, with a base price of 10, then a fixed amount of 20 for framing, and a percentage of 20% for gloss, then the total would be 10 + 20 + ((10 + 20) x 0.2 ) = 36. Rather than the old approach of 10 + 20 + (10 x 0.2) = 32

This compounded calculation only works based on price calculations preceding the percentage. e.g. with prices chosen such as:

A) Size 10 fixed amount
B) Framing 20 fixed amount
C) Matte/Gloss 20 percenage
D) Other 30 fixed amount

The percentage in C) applies to the total of A) and B)

Can you have a go with this change and let me know how you get along?

Note: this upgrade will reset ttgcart.hooks.js to the default version. You’ll need to reapply the changes you had made to the file to hide the percentage fields.

Dear Ben,

thanks again for your time :pray:
I just tried your solution with my existing product “book” and it works perfectly so far :slight_smile:

Best regards,