I was using client-reponse with BL1. I can’t seem to get it to work with BL4. So far, I’ve purchased BL1, BL2, BL4, Cart 1, Cart 4, and Client Response totaling about $540.00. Any suggestions for getting it working without having to ante up again?

That version cannot be installed in BL4


Im not trying to be funny, I’m trying to decide whether it is worth it to keep buying the same modules over and over?

Because modules are no longer installed by uploading them to the server. New code, new and improved features, etc

ok. ill give the new one a try.

If you’re using the tools to make a profit, then it’s like lumpy they will pay for themselves with the first sale.

If you pay for the current version of CR you won’t need to buy it again.
I thought there was a blog post about pricing, but I can’t find it. Bottom line, though, is that if you buy add-ons, they will be include when Backlight is updated.

Here’s a forum post where that’s addressed

Might I suggest y’all add a section to the menu that says “add-ons”. Somehow, I found the Cart add-on after poking around the site. I recall finding it somewhere under the Demo Gallery menu. I want to buy Client Response but can’t seem to locate the link. Can you point me to it?

It’s on the Get Backlight page

Thanks. Since I already have BL I didn’t think it would be there. I thought only the core program was there.

Nope, everything you could ever possibly want is there. :thinking:

Tis true. But given the language you’re using, I wonder if others may have had the same experience I had when trying to pull the trigger? (rhetorical)

the language I’m using above or the language on the TTG site? Not sure what you’re getting at.

The language on the TTG site. As I mentioned, it completely went over my head that the “Get Backlight” button includes add-ons.

I should have said, y’all rather than you’re in my previous post, since that’s what I meant.

Perhaps Matt will change the link to make it more obvious. Like “Get Backlight and Add-ons”.

Daniel came up with the idea of adding a purchase link right in the Backlight Modules page. I think Ben is looking into that.

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