Client Response not working

Hi, everyone,

since the update to Respose 10.0 my gallery doesn’t work anymore. I don’t see any pictures anymore, just the surface. Unfortunately, deleting the cache and reinstalling it did not help either.

Greetings Michael

Not much to go on. Can you post a link to an album?
Is this happening to all albums?

In the meantime I have already been able to change something. I deleted the module from the FTP and reinstalled it. Now he shows the gallery again. But I can no longer switch to CRG in the designer. It shows me an error in the module itself.

Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in index.php on line 19

You get the link as a PM.

Greetings Michael

The link you sent me goes to a regular album, which seems to be working fine.

Try reinstalling the Client Response module by going to your Backlight Modules page and clicking on the Reinstall link associated with the Client Response add-on.

You should now be able to send DMs

Hi Rod,

since the reinstallation of CRG, I can no longer activate a CRG in the album templates. When I’m in the Client Response tab, a big red error appears at the top:

Something went wrong
Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in index.php on line 19

Please report error at

I think he cannot activate the module properly and therefore I cannot activate the CRG albums in the designer (template) either.

Is your installation of Backlight 4 up to date?
Can you post a screen shot of the error you’re seeing (you can simply copy and paste it into your reply)

Yes, all modules are up to date

And you can’t access the Client Response add-on in an album template, correct?


yes i can´t

only Fotomoto and Cart enable

@Ben (one of the developers) will need to look into it.

What version of php is your host using. You can see it by going to the main Backlight dashboard and under “Special Links,” click on the “View php info” link.

@moment i use PHP Version 7.4.22

can change to 7.3 or to 8.0

php version should be ok.

were your Client Response albums working prior to upgrading to version 10?

yes, I am sure, otherwise my customers would have said something.

Unfortunately, I cannot say which version I made the update from.

I can of course activate the old module directory on the FTP again, so that you can see the original error.

With the first screenshot. Maybe the mistake is smaller there :wink:

Are you doing any custom coding on your site? I’m seeing something strange in the source code. Even on your Galleries page.
There is html and a script being inserted before the opening <html> tag. This could be causing the error.

My menu is its own code that is inserted via the CSS include file and PHP plugins.

I switched off my own menu on the link I sent you

the errors in the source code have gone away. Can you now access Client Response in Backlight and in your album template?

No the error message is still present. Still can’t

Add-on features
Enable add-on

to choose.

Wait for @Ben then. He’ll likely need Backlight admin access and perhaps FTP access