Client Response

Can you guide me to how to correctly set up the Client Response? New to BL3 and if I Enable it under Add-on as I created a new Album Templates > Client > Add > Client Response it turns it on for every Album? I also see these option turned off in Lightroom.

The client response option in the Integration tab will only work if you’ve assigned a template that is using the client response add on.

Yes, I see I have the option to turn it on after it is enabled in the add-on but like I mentioned it turns it on for all my pages if a do this and that’s not what I want. I just want it on for one a album of my choice. Which gets back to I really don’t know how to set up correctly. So if there are some guideline aside from what’s documented please let me know.

Enabling in just one album should not affect other albums using the same template.
Regardless, you can just create a regular album template and assign it to those albums that you don’t want to be client response albums.