CRG- no login page

BL documentation: Clients may log in at
In case I installed BL not on root level but in folder Backlight the login page for the client is, correct?
I get the error message <<Something went wrong. The template could not be found for id in GalleryDelegate.php on line 321>>

I can (logged in as admin) access the CRG galleries assigned to a client, but I have no page where I can login as a client.
In php LiteAdmin I see that the client created in BL is NOT visible there! In case I setup an additional feedback profile - this can be found in php LiteAdmin - strange!

make sure you’ve selected a valid template for Client Template in Backlight Settings > Personalisation

I had already done that

Because I only can access the CRG galleries as an admin I get the following message:

Something Went Wrong
You are viewing this CRG-managed album as the Backlight administrator. Feedback can only be provided when logged in as a Client Response client. To view the album as a client, login at backlight/client-response/ with a client Email and Password. Is this really the case?

What is the correct path to be sent to the client for login in? in my case?

If a CRG is open and if breadcrumbs are enabled and I click on “your albums” I get a page not found error

I assume that all these issues are due to missing client registration in the database (phpLiteAdmin shows no clients) I’m not able to get the client login page…


Does anybody has a solution?

client login should be
that error massage needs updating

Also, don’t install backlight in a subfolder named Backlight, if that’s what you’ve done. use another name for a subfolder installation.

I installed BL not on root level (but in the folder Backlight) as long as I want to test it. Actually on root level I have a my website using CE4. Does this (folder Backlight) really is the root cause for the issues I’m facing with?

it could be. I think I remember it causing problems in the past.
If you’re just testing, change the name of the sub-folder to something else, like backlight-test.
Be sure to make the same change in any url fields in Backlight settings

Done. But unfortunately no change. no login page, no clients in phy LiteAdmin although they are listed in BL as clients

what url are you using to get to the client login page?

Ii tried them all:

Change the name of your subfolder, don’t use Backlight.
your client login url should then be:

It would help if you posted the real url

For example

This is the Page where all galleries assigned to a client are listed (in this case only one).
I’m missing the login page before access is granted to the overview of the galleries assigned to a client is shown
Clicking on gallery CRG1 the CRG page opens as expected.
And now clicking on “your albums” in the breadcrumb navigation I’m linkek to
with a message page not found
lead to the error message
<<Something went wrong. The template could not be found for id in GalleryDelegate.php on line 321>>

Only to be safe that my workflow is correct. I assigned albums to the client that are listed in one of the existing Top-level Galleries.

Stop using “Backlight” as your sub-folder name. The folder name “backlight” has meaning in backlight.
Change yours from “Backlight” to “Backlight-test”
And make sure that the Site url uses that subfolder name in the path

The url to the client login would then be

Until you change the name of your subfolder we can’t be of much help

I have changed it again back to Backlight-test - same error occurs

what is the name of the template assigned to Client Template in Backlight Settings > Personalisation?

Is that template listed in your page templates? Is it a Pangolin page template?

The name of the Template is “Videografic Template Page”, it is listed under page templates and it is a Pangolin page template.

One further point:
Admin / Users / Clients: here I assigned a response Gallery to the Client
In case this gallery is part of the Top Level Gallery (named Client) the url looks like:
The Top Level Gallery “Client” has been created via the LR Publisher
The URL changes to in case that the assigned response gallery is from the Top Level Gallery Galleries

In my opinion the main question in focus is why the Clients created in BL are not registered in the database in phyLiteAdmin

Only the created Feedback Profile has also been created in the database

Well, I’m at the end of my troubleshooting ideas. Ben will need to take a look. He’ll likely need Backlight Admin access.

OK, Thx. Ben: please give me a ping which information do you need

Any Solution available?