Error on install

I’m getting the error below when I log into Backlight… any thoughts on how to resolve?
Windows 10, Chrome, hosted by Bludomain…

Unable to upgrade to version 1.9.2
Error message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 14 unable to open database file

I’m not sure if Bludomain is a compatible hosting environment. I can’t find any info on their site regarding the OS they use or the type of server or anything about SQLite and PDO modules.
can you find out if they comply with the requirements shown at the bottom of this page:

Thanks Rod - I have been using Backlight for years - this just showed up after upgrading to BL3. I’ll check though…

This error indicates something’s wrong with the database itself, due to some kind of system issue on your host. The file may be corrupted. See here for more information:

I can help fix this for you, if you can provide me with FTP access and a Backlight admin login via direct message by clicking through my username. (I’ve upgraded your account status so that you can do this, as new accounts can’t send direct messages). What I’ve done in the past with similar errors is download the database, transfer the data into a new file, and upload that new file.

Thanks Ben - I’m not married to any of my templates as I just use it for the CRG plugin with Lightroom. Is there any way I can delete the file and have it re-created?

Hi @ollyt, a fresh copy of the file will be copied over if it’s no longer where Backlight expects it to be. If you want to go down this path then I suggest moving the file backlight/data/designer/master.sq3 (NOT deleting it, since that will reduce your options to try other approaches). Another option may be to rename it, e.g. to master_old.sq3. Your mileage may vary on that approach as sometimes the system may still use that old file after renaming.
After moving or renaming that file, visit Designer again. That should cause Backlight to copy over a fresh copy of the database and leave you with the default templates.

You’ll then need to reassign templates for all of your albums, and other pages.

For albums:

  1. Optionally, create and design your templates, or just leave them as the defaults
  2. Visit Publisher, then click on the name of your top-level gallery
  3. Click on Assign Templates
  4. Either change the selected template for each album/set, or leave them as defaults, then click Save
  5. Repeat for any additional Top-level galleries you may have

For other pages:

  1. Visit Designer -> Templates -> Assign Templates
  2. Either change the selected template for each page, or leave them as defaults, then click Save

Note that the assignment of templates will propagate back to LR, so these will sync back automatically without needing you to change them in LR.

Hi Ben,

I moved the master.sq3 and now I get the following error - any thoughts?

Upgrading to version 1.9.2…
Migrating settings
Unable to upgrade to version 1.9.2
Error message: PDO->prepare() returned false. sql: ‘SELECT * FROM localisation_value’ params: array ( )

Hi @ollyt, that doesn’t look promising. Can you provide me with FTP access and a Backlight admin login (or give me permission to reset the admin password), via direct message? If so, is the original master.sq3 still on your server as a renamed file? I’ll then try to get it working again.

Hi @Ben - thanks again for a reply. I did send you a direct message with FTP access and admin access the other day. Can you let me know if you received that?


@ben rather than have you spend time digging around, should I should just delete Backlight off of my server and start clean with BL3? Not sure if I can do that with my license though…

you can if you like

Hi @ollyt, sorry I did receive that. I had forgotten about it, because I wasn’t going to use the credentials till you had given the moving of the database file a go.
On FTP credentials, I can get in but can’t navigate to anywhere in your site. I’m stuck in a directory with a single ‘.ftpquota’ file and nothing else, directories or files.

Do you have many albums and do you use LR to publish? If the answer is a few albums and yes, then you may be better off just starting from scratch.

Our license isn’t intended to make life difficult for installing and maintaining your site. You’re free to either upgrade or install from scratch. You’re also free to do so on a new host if you’re transferring, or copy your installation wholesale from one host to another in that case. The idea is that even if TTG disappeared (which of course we have no plans to have happen), you’re free to keep your site running and move to new hosts as you need to.

@Ben I did a clean install and it seemed to go well, but I do get this error when I click on the “Designer” page…

Unexpected error: Module ‘imagick’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0

I also do not see the CRG add on in the Backlight Modules (although that was a purchased item with my previous version - I believe I saw in the literature that I don’t have to re-buy that.) I have a module folder downloaded from 2018 and I hope I can but that in the backlight folder with my FTP without causing issues. But I thought I should try to sort this “imagick” error first…


if you were updating from Backlight 2 to Backlight 3, then the BL 3 version of Client Response should be there for you.
If updating from BL 1 you will need to purchase the new version.

The add-ones are not installed by uploading folders but are installed from the Backlight Modules page.

For this problem, see if this page helps

Thanks Rod - It looks like I last updated 2018. I’ll buy the new version - well worth it!

Hi Rod - the only thing I see there is the option to suppress start up errors. I didn’t see anything to do with “imagick.” (FWIW, I am hosted on Bludomain, not Bluehost if that matters.)

Rod (and @Ben) - I cleared my browser cache and on reload, the error appeared briefly and then disappeared. I purchased the CRG and it installed with out a hitch. Now on to re-designing albums and re-connecting LR publisher!

A while back I gave it a good go to replicate a “already loaded in Unknown on line 0” message and put in an exception for our error reporting. I got stumped by the error message no longer appearing when I was trying to investigate it. Seeing your comment that it went away after reloading the page made me think that it could be intermittent due to your site (and my dev server) running through PHP FPM. FPM starts up PHP as a service rather than for each page call (making it a more efficient and performant way to run your site), but that error would only appear when a page call caused the service to start up.

I’ll have another go at replicating this by turning FPM off on my server, and then putting in a work-around to suppress that error. In my experience they are inconsequential.

@Ben - I sent you a direct message with access. New error shows up in designer after I clear imagick error

Update query failed with error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 14 unable to open database file sql: ‘UPDATE engine_view SET name=‘page’, type=‘dynamic’, path=’’, rename=’’, passthrough=‘no’, modified=‘2020-11-02 22:07:31’ WHERE engine_id=‘95’ AND view_id=‘view.index’’ params: array ( ) in PdoExtended.php on line 604