Error Uploading Photo

Hi all,

On updating to the latest version of Backlight, I have tried to add a photo through the website publisher and I am getting the error: Upload Failed

Everything should be ok though - 1.30mb file size and the correct dimensions. I have tried both drop and drag and browse.

All photos like this have been uploaded before without any issues. Any ideas and apologies in advance if I have missed something.


Hi Chumby, the error reporting on the Backlight Publisher makes it hard to tell what’s gone wrong. Are you familiar with using the network tools of the browser? If so, can you take a look at what’s being returned by the server when you try to upload the photo? Hopefully it will provide an error message that will help.

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately not familiar with those tools… if you let me know what to do I can replicate it here.


Am seeing the same error as Chumby. Since update to 3.11 I cannot upload any files using BL publisher. Same error generated. Files sizes OK. File names OK. I no longer use Adobe Lightroom so cannot test other publishing method.
Regards, Mark

Getting stranger by the minute. Of 22 files I attempted to upload all failed and generated the failure to upload error. BUT! All 22 files are, in fact, on the server and they appear in BL publisher and they are visible on my website. So it looks like BL Publisher may be generating errors where none exist, at least for this album. Will attempt another upload this afternoon if possible.
Regards, Mark

Seeing the same issue and Mark.
First I created an album and uploaded 1200px images. That completed without error.

Then I created another album using 3500px images (for download). I received an error on every image. But the album was published and the all images are there, including the 3500px download images.

Another test with an album containing seven images.
1200px display renditions
2000px download renditions
4000px cart renditions

All images showed the failed to upload error. In reality, four of the images (and all of their renditions) were initially uploaded successfully and appear in the album.

It took three more attempts to upload the other three images. But it’s the same story: they all appeared to fail in Backlight but they are now in the album with all their renditions.

php.ini file shows:
upload_max_filesize = 64M
max_file_uploads = 20

Hi Rod, can you check via the network inspector to see what the server is returning? It sounds like Backlight is generating an inconsequential notice of some sort.

Hi Ben, I’m not really sure how to do that

No worries, Rod. I’ve been able to replicate the issue. It does look like an inconsequential notice. I’ll put in a fix. I’ll chat with you about how to use the network inspector. It’s a handy tool.

Does this error have anything to do with those images that were not uploaded and needed repeated attempts?

Looking forward to learning something new!

Hi Ben,

Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist also.


Hi all, I have made a silent update to address this. I’d appreciate if you could test it and provide feedback here. To apply the update, visit Backlight Modules, and click Reinstall for the line with module-publisher. After doing so you should be able to upload the images that were causing problems before. And if not, an alert should pop up with a message that includes the underlying issue.

This issue was caused by a bug when the uploaded file was either the equal size to or smaller than the maximum required rendition configured for the template associated with the album.

Hi Rod, only to the main release. I have just updated it on testing as well.

Tried with an 11MB image that failed yesterday. Uploads OK now. Thanks Ben.

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I’m still having issues.
Some images are not being uploaded. Some show they failed yet made it anyway.

I’ll try again with another album

Hi Ben,

Upload works ok… Thumbnail appears in search. Large image doesn’t appear in slideshow though however.

Try searching for “rainbow” at - select the second thumbnail that appears. No larger image in the slideshow.


Just tried a fresh album with eight images. I’m kind of pushing Backlight Publisher with this; I’m uploading 4000px images for: Cart (4000px), download (2000px), display image (1200px) and thumbnails (350px).
Backlight is also applying watermarks to display images and 2000px downloads.

The Add Photos page showed that all but two uploaded. The Uploading spinner, showing 100%, just kept spinning and spinning and…

The album itself shows that all images and renditions were successfully uploaded. As does the album info page in Backlight:

Here’s what the Network Inspector showed for this session:

There are lots of turtles showing slow server response time

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Did the network inspector provide any messaging for those two images?

I didn’t see any. Should they appear in the same window?