Essay Module

I have been successful a number of times to get the essay working. There is still something I am missing and cannot always get it to appear.Login as Admin

I cannot get the icon to present itself. I understand login as admin but not sure what is going on.


I cannot get this to appear.

Is Backlight up to date?

Completely. It worked yesterday.

Early on in testing, I needed to add text to an album before that essay image choosing icon would appear.
Give that a try.

I already have a bunch of text, html and images.

I made another change, it refreshed but no icon.

is this happening with new or existing Essay albums?

I duplicated a section, changed header and links. It came up ok. The only problem is i need to add a new image but the icon will not show.

So this is an existing Essay album that you’re trying to add to.

Does your page copy contain any html? If so, are all tags properly closed?
a link to the album may help.

It all looks good. I’m just duplicating sections and modifing with different images. I took the last change out and saved. No icon. I put it back in, No icon.

I’m out of ideas. @Matthew will need to take a look.


I don’t understand what triggers it. Is there something I’m supposed to do?

As far as I know, you only have to be logged in to Backlight and view the album

That’s what I’m doing.

Just wondering. I was previously on my site then entered backlight. So I closed my site and entered from backlight view button but didn’t make a difference. I also rebooted and tried again.

No luck.

Interesting! I tried doing it on my old computer and the icon came up. It worked. I can use that computer for this aspect.

What is different between the two computers? Any hints for me to try?

I don’t think the specific computer should make a difference.
I’d think the browser would be more important.

What is different between Chrome in new computer and Chrome in old?

What is different between Chrome in new computer and Chrome in old?

Are they on the same version?