Help..Backlight is overriding my Rapid Weaver Index page!

UPDATE+ on the below: After talking to Bluehost we discovered this file was the causing the problem
.htaccess and they rerouted it to my orignal index.html file

I have installed Backlight successfully on my server with the purpose of just making galleries, not a website which I already have, but now it is overriding my website HOME/index page made with Rapid Weaver. I have deleted all the Backlight pages but it doesn’t go back to my already built with Rapid Weaver website. What do I need to delete??

If I enter: Edward Levinson Edo Photos it goes to my Rapid Weaver built page
If I enter: it goes to a Backlight “something went wrong page”

Interestingly my off-site gallery pages built with Turning Gate are now working properly (they weren’t which is why I was upgrading to Backlight) Now the old galleries work BUT the Home menu take you to the Backlight “something went wrong page”.

The two files that will cause Backlight to become your main website are .htaccess and index.php in the public_html directory. If you’re only interested in using Backlight for albums, then skip these.

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Thanks Ben. I did NOT see that info anywhere in the doc installation guide. Would have saved me some trouble.

I understand they should be deleted from the public_html folder. But those same two files names are ALSO in the Backlight Folder. Do they need to be there for the galleries to work independently from my other webpages?

Even though those two files have the same name, they are different files and are required for Backlight albums and sets to work.

Ok thanks. And now trying to get my old galleries working again until I can find time to make the new ones!

As mentioned yesterday, you have to treat public_html/edo as what is in the documentation referred to as public_html.

So your installation should look like:


Don’t touch your index.php/index.html/.htaccess files in public_html! They belong to your main domain and not to your domain.

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Thanks Daniel for the extra clarifying info.

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