TTG 3 built gallery link troubles with index.php file

After trying to upgrade to Backlight 4 from TTG3 (learning curve not surmounted yet), I am having some major problems.

I want to leave my old galleries up until I learn to use Backlight. During Backlight installation perhaps I deleted (or replaced) something I shouldn’t have?? At the moment I have deleted Backlight from my server. The FTP did ask once about replacing some file.

The menu “Gallery Lens” at this link only shows a list
Clicking on index.php in this list brings up the right page

Going to all the gallery names and inks and adding .index.php to the URL seems to be a workaround, but a lot of work for a lot of galleries

Same thing happens when you click on the individual galleries. List appears and clicking on /index.php brings up the gallery.

Same situation at

Any idea how to fix this? I suspect its something with the index.php not being visible. After deleting Backlight I re-uploaded all the galleries.

Kind of related post here about my troubles installing Backlight. Which may be connected??

Many thanks in advance (time zone JAPAN)


what version are you updating from? CE3?

If so, were you using CE3 Publisher? If you were, then it will be possible to transfer all your old albums to CE4 Publisher and then to Backlight Publisher.

If you were exporting and uploading galleries, then you will need to re-publish all your galleries as Publisher albums.

I’ve written about updating from CE4 for cases where Publisher was being used and cases where it wasn’t. They may be helpful:

Rod, The albums I am trying to correct were made with CE3 but not using Publisher. (I used the export and upload method) . Wasn’t Publisher something you had to buy extra or is it perhaps already in LR with the old CE3? I have the Backlight Publisher plugin in Lightroom now Would that republish old CS3 galleries?. At the moment I am NOT trying to convert them to Backlight, just trying to get them back the way they were. I will take a look at your links, then I’ll see if maybe converting them is the way to go or not. But I’d really like for what I have now to work UNTIL I can spend some time with Backlight and configure the galleries to my liking. (Going out now for a while, will check back later.)
Apologies for questions of Legacy software.

[quote=“Edophoto, post:3, topic:2280”]I have the Backlight Publisher plugin in Lightroom now Would that republish old CS3 galleries?.

Since you weren’t using CE3 Publisher, you will eventually need to republish everything. But you could keep your old galleries intact while republishing.

Thanks for the attention. The problem at the moment (mentioned in the top post) is that the old galleries have gone askew and I am trying to get them fixed before attempting Backlight. Thanks again,

Does the problem happen in all browsers?
have you cleared browser cache?

Yes it happens in two different browsers even after emptying the cache as far as I can tell .
One work around I tried is REDIRECTING via Bluehost control panel

I’ve succeeded with 2 or 3 so far.

Seems to fix it . I searched all the different files in the AutoIndex etc and gallery folders but couldn’t find any links to change there.

Do you have a backup from your original CE3 site? I think the issue is the CE3 .htaccess file in public_htmls/edo was overwritten by the Backlight version. Can you restore it?

Thanks, Yes I do have a Time Machine backup from before installing Backlight. I was thinking to try that as well. Will give it a shot. However Blue Host Tech support already redid the .htaccess file so it now points to my original “old” site top page.

Problem is some of the old galleries are not showing up correctly (see above)

This is why I asked about trying different browsers and clearing browser cache. In all the browsers I tried, using Edward Levinson - Edo Photos Natural Life - Japan brings me to the normal autoindex page. So I see no problem.

I tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Edge. On my iPad I tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome for iOS. The page looks correct in all.

Rod, thanks for checking. The gallery indexes are working
because I changed the links from
and also set up a redirect.

this link for example still just shows a list
this link will show the actually gallery

I was going to set them all to redirect but then ran into a problem on Bluehost. Some of the redirects won’t work. Will call Blue host tech support later.

This one the redirect works

What I can’t figure out is why the original pages won’t show up without the <index.php> added to the url in the first place, which is why am trying the redirects.

Thanks for the help and input. Good night from Japan :slight_smile:

The .htaccess files handles how access to your pages is handled. Eg, whether a directory listing is shown or an index.php file is called instead.

Try to restore the one from your backup and keep a copy from the one Bluehost edited.

Daniel. That sounds like a good idea. We are talking about the main .htaccess inside my domain folder < edo> right? I’ll give it a try.

I just realized that file is only on the sever, not my own hard disk so don’t think there is an earlier backup version. Seems I can download the present file from Bluehost…if there is anything I can edit myself. Or ask Bluehost to take a look at it?? Thanks again.

UPDATE: In conclusion (I hope!), I went with the Redirect method. Now all the old galleries are showing again. Thanks all the input above.