How to populate <title> tag with meta title

How do I use the image’s meta “title” (using Lightroom plugin) to propagate the tag for the image’s page?

Or maybe I should ask what affects the tages for galleries and images?

Thank you!

What do you mean by “tag for the image’s page”?

Here is the documentation about the metadata you can use

Every in my files are populated with just the “company name” i.e. My Company

How do I get the system to insert the Albums “title” description in the tag and the Image’s meta “title” into the tag for that image’s “single-php” file?

Update: I am posting the left and right arrow brackets around “title” and “/title” but it isn’t showing up in this message. Sorry for the confusion.

To get the html (or any code) text to appear in a post, surround the code with back-tics `

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Here’s a link to a page on my site:

You can see the title as:

<title>Travel &amp; Street - Campagna Photography</title>

That is:

Page Title - Site Title

In this case, the page title is the name of the album set; in albums, it’s the name of the album. On a page, it’s the name of the page. On single-image pages, it’s either the title or file name for the image.

Makes perfect sense to me, and doesn’t require any special effort to achieve, being as the title fields are required to be filled for albums, sets and pages alike.