Formatting text in the new forum

Here’s a nice guide to formatting text in the new forum–CodeFormatting

(Note: if you see a dark grey overlay, scroll up and look for a cookie notice. you need to click it)

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Hi Rod,
I followed the link in your post when I was on my phone. That opened OK but now I’m back at my desktop when I click on the link the page opens, the is a brief message that dissapears before I get a get a chance to read it and the page is greyed out.

it’s working fine for me.

This is what I get;

Maybe try Googling for another source or try a different browser? It’s working for me in Firefox

I saw that too. There’s an obnoxious overlay on the page for a cookies notice. Scroll up or down and try to find the OK button to press.

Hah! The scrolling up and down brought back the splash screen.

Hello Rod,

Tried the link you posted, the guide to formatting text in the new forum and all I get is a greyed out page. I can see the page but there’s that dark grey overlay over it.
Tried on Brave, Chrome and Firefox designer edition.

see the responses above. you need to accept a cookie notification apparently

Thanks, Matt this did the trick. It is annoying tat the cookies acceptance box is hidden way at the top and you have to scroll up to see it. I hope that once accepted, it doesn’t show up again.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on over there. Not my site. Hashtag, problems you’ll never have with Backlight. :wink: