I'm not getting emails to change the password for bl3

I’m not getting emails to change the password for bl3.
had to go into the log file to retrieve the string to update. Is it the case that email sending must be configured in settings to receive the email with the link.

if not then i need help

have you checked your junk mail folder?


it should be send to the email address you used for the admin username you entered. This may or may not be your site email. It depends on the email address you entered the USER area when initially installing BL3

I have added admin email to my hotmail address. I Enter admin and the email address in the forgotten passwords felds and press send. Nothing comes out from the system, but the string to be sent is in the log file


Ben’s going to need to look into it then, I’m out of troubleshooting ideas. Could be an issue with your host.

Email delivery is not guaranteed, simply because no application can guarantee delivery. If your server, or any server between sending and receiving the message flags it as spam, then any server can discard the message before it arrives. You should configure your settings as suggested in our documentation to best ensure delivery.

In your case, using a hotmail address is probably the problem. For most reliable delivery, your email address and domain name should be the same. For example, in my case for The Turning Gate, our domain is theturninggate.net. And so I use Gmail, but with Google Workspace, so that my email address is @theturninggate.net.

And no, this is not a deficiency in Backlight. Wordpress, and every other application is the same. If I use my personal @gmail.com address on a Wordpress site, Wordpress warns me that my email and domain name do not match, and that mail may not be delivered as a result.

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By conecting trusted SMTP Host oand tis parameters
Email Configuration
Mail Send Type:smtp
SMTP Host:pro.turbo-smtp.com (Mi trusted Host)
SMTP Username: “myUserName”
SMTP Password:[ hidden ]
SMTP Port:465
SMTP Security Protocol:ssl

The post is delivered

I have several web sites like and contact form on all. All messages are sent to the same mailbox. Is it possible to set web sites as part of the message

Hi Kristinn, good suggestion. I’ve added a note to add the Site URL into the contact form emails, to be added to a future version of Backlight.


I’m still having issues with Album feeds. I am working on 3 new areas where I test out conversion to bL3 from 2, on a NAS box. the pages are Haukur.Kristinn.no Dagbok.kristinn.no and Myvo.no.

Album feeds do not work on the pages.

In addition, there is something strange about the site Haukur.kristinn.no. Page that I use to get my disabled son to engage in nature and take pictures. This page fle fuced up yesterday.

This is sied based on LR and can be rebuilt.

But I wonder what happened.

I had problems with virus when I had BL 2 and wordpress on the same NAS, so I removed WP and after that everything has been OK.

I wonder if something has come in via the email program due to the opening of gates.

Did not set up virus check on the email. I have tested a lot and the intention is that mail goes in via Trøstet host is automatically forwarded to Kristinn.no and deleted at the same time automatically.

Can you logg in to Haukur.kristinn.no to se.


I’ve replied to this in your original post about feeds

For your other questions, can you create new topics for new problems?

I have entered both options.
feed from https://dagbok.kristinn.no is ok

From https://dagbok.kristinn.no/galleries/2021/202102/20210221/

does not work

To keep things on topic, I’ve replied to this in the original thread.

This thread’s topic has been addressed, and so I’m closing it. Please create new threads for additional topics.