Important! Backlight 2, 3 and 4 updates!


I have received today the notification about the general update made necessary by the changes in LR. I still have a system running Backlight version 1. Is it also affected ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Samoreen,

Yes, the change to Lightroom also impacts users of Backlight 1. However, we are not able to update that version of the product.

For starters, the same fix we’ve applied to subsequent versions does not work for Backlight 1.

Beginning with Backlight 2, we introduced the feature allowing users to update Backlight from within the admin. This makes updates incredibly easy to perform, and easy for us to roll out.

Such is not the case for Backlight 1, for which updates were a pain for everyone involved, and we no longer have the development pipeline in place to facilitate it.

Finally, we long ago abandoned support for Backlight 1. Making the update available to users of Backlights 2 and 3 was a nice gesture for us to make to our users; officially, we only support the current Backlight version at any given time, which is, for the moment, Backlight 4.

We think you can probably use a newer version of Backlight’s Publish Services plugin to get around that issue, and @Ben can share that download with you. I’m not going to 100% guarantee that as a solution, though; you can try it.

Preferably – and as I stated in the email – now is an excellent opportunity to finally make the upgrade to Backlight 4, as you will also be getting Backlight 5 when it releases. Having skipped several generations, I think there’s a lot you’ll like about the newest version: new features and improvements abound, as well as support for the latest PHP, additional security features, and – of course – simpler updates and ongoing support.


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Hi @Samoreen, as Matt has mentioned above, the LR Publisher versions are designed to be backward-compatible between versions of Backlight. This is to allow customers to have websites with a mix of Backlight versions while updating sites. We don’t fully test them through past versions, especially not all the way back from Backlight 4 to 1.

I have had a quick try and found that our latest plugin does publish renditions at the correct size with BL1 sites. I can’t vouch that it will work perfectly across all of the functionality for BL1 sites.

Direct link to Publisher 6.1.3 (this should be compatible with Backlight 1, 2, 3 and 4):

Direct link to Publisher 5.2.2 (this should be compatible with Backlight 1, 2 and 3):

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Thanks Ben and Matt for the download links. I appreciate. I’ll give both version of the publisher a try.

Explaining why, on this system, I never updated version 1 to a more recent release would be very, very annoying. Just be sure that this is not related to the product itself.

Thanks again.