Issues after 5.1 update

I ran the updater last night for my site ( and am getting the following error on all my main pages.

Argument 1 passed to Album::setLoginToAccessProtectedPhotosEnabled() must be an instance of bool, boolean given, called in /home4/scottbla/public_html/blackmanphoto/backlight/modules/module-publisher/application/models/Album.php on line 718 and defined in Album.php on line 1039

Not sure how to resolve this. Do I need to reinstall?

Try reinstalling
see this similar topic

Hi Rod… fwiw, reinstalling didn’t work. Ben intervened and solved the problem. After whatever he did, reinstalling module-publisher fixed the problem.

Hi @scottblackman, as above, please revisit the Backlight Modules page and click reinstall for module-publisher.

I also suggest changing to a newer version of PHP if you have the option to. PHP 5.6 reached end-of-life four years ago and is no longer supported with security patches. Newer versions of PHP are also considerably faster.

Vis a vis Ben’s suggestion to reinstall php, I upgraded to the latest version, 8.1, provided by my host, and all is well.


Reinstalling seemed to solve the issue. I need to research upgrading PHP. Didn’t realize that was something I could control. Thought that was controlled by my website provider (Site5 in my case)