James Herman Photography updated to BL3

I have long preferred dark themed websites and have found my site’s infrequent visitors generally agree. Like other users, I need to take the time to update and add a bit more polish. Alas, time. Specifically regarding the update from BL2. I blinked, it was done. Still poking around the new features. My site is more a personal exercise in photographic site development than a commercial enterprise but I find the exercise therapeutic.

Also happy to see I am no longer a voice in the wilderness regarding a dark themed layout. An approach long championed by Lightroom and only very recently by web designers in general. Just ask yourself, when viewing a web page with lots of white. “Why am I squinting?” Indeed, even the mobile pundits have finally admitted that a dark theme consumes less battery.

James Herman Photography

Regards All.

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Neat to see someone using the background pattern features. I feel like those get less love than I had originally imagined.