Lost access to LR publisher

I had to revert from LR Classic v11.3.1 to LR Classic v11.2 because of bugs in the latest version. This has caused the LR Library module to show that the TTG publisher is “Missing”. TTG Publisher is listed but greyed out with a ? against it.
Do you have a solution please?

Have you tried reinstalling it?
If that doesn’t work, try clearing the preferences file, that will often clear up Lightroom strangeness.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ve now Reinstalled LR Classic 11.2 and reset the preferences but it has not solved it. I had assumed that when uninstalling 11.3.1 before I installed 11.2 that a key BL file got deleted even though I opted to keep preferences.
If it helps, the LR plug-in manager shows TTG Publisher settings as “Can’t use Plug-in TTG Publisher: The “nil” plug-in is not installed or not functioning properly”

When you uninstalled LR 11.3.1 you may have lost the path to the TTG Publisher plugin.
Have you tried reinstalling that? Are you using the latest version?
When installing, make sure you’re pointing the Plug-in Manager to the unzipped TTG-Publisher.lrplugin

Thanks. That has helped - a bit. I can now see the plug-in is enabled (v6.0.3) and it shows correctly in LR Library. However, when I add a photo to an existing folder and press the “publish” button the “updating published collections” progress bar just hangs with nothing happening. Normally it takes just seconds to do a whole batch.

That’s due to the version of Lightroom you’re using. LR 11.3 fixed that bug. (one image would publish and then publisher would hang)
The work around is to cancel the publishing and then try again.
Here’s another thing you can try:

Thanks Rod. As you posted your latest it finished the publishing. I can’t believe it took so long. Anyway - it is working now so thank you for your help. I’ll look forward to a bug-free 11.4.

Unrelated, but what bugs are you seeing? For me LR seems slow to close at times

LR is quick enough for me. The bug, which I’ve reported and has been supported by others, is that the Library module views (Grid, Loupe, Compare, Survey) sometimes, but frequently, do not reflect Develop module changes. Similarly, image rotations aren’t reflected in the Library…but sometimes they are!

P.S. My posts on the Adobe forum are not the rude impatient ones. I simply reported the problem and posted videos to demonstrate. I’m sure they will sort it next time.

Thanks. I’ll keep my eye out for that. So far, I’ve not encountered it.