Managing site content

Previously I managed my site wholly thru LR. Now with Backlight 3 I have begun editing some Albums and Album sets thru Backlight by changing the setting in the respective Advanced Setting menu to Managed by Backlight and making desired changes. My question is what happens if/when I republish an Album or Album set in Lightroom that was changed in Backlight? Will the settings in LR be reconfigured to match what was changed in BL or will the BL settings get changed back to what LR shows them to be? Im concerned with losing track of what I have changed via LR vs BL and possibly messing things up. Thanks

See if this helps:

The best thing to do is run some tests yourself. Create an album of some random images in Lightroom and then set it to be managed by Backlight. Make changes and see what happens.

Thanks Rod. That’s a good idea

Just my two cents, the changing of control is meant to be a one-way trip. Once you’ve cut an album’s ties with Lightroom, I’m not sure we can make guarantees about trying to restore those connections.