Modules not showing

Am trying to update to 3.1 but the modules won’t open. Takes ages to load but then I get an error message that reads:
Something went wrong
Backlight was unable to connect to Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Have been trying since yesterday, also on another computer, but no luck.
All other pages work, as are my websites running on Backlight.

iMac & Macbook Pro, latest OS, Safari.

Any ideas?

I was just able to apply the latest updates, so keep trying.

Do you mean it’s an issue at TTG?

All I can tell you is that the ttg server is available because I was able to update.

Ok clear. Still getting the error message, so I can’t treach the TTG server.

you could try using a different browser.
you could also try rebooting your machine.

Neither worked…
Didn’t have this problem previously btw, could always access the modules.

Hi @carlo, it sounds like your host is blocking access to
If you continue to receive this error, can you ask your host’s technical support to allow access from your server to

Yes indeed, I sent them a message already. Strange, as it worked fine in the past and I did not change hosts.

Will let you know if successful.

For some reason my website host blacklisted the ttg IP address.

Their response:
“The IP address behind was recently blacklisted by us following a worldwide WordPress attack. As a result, we had to block some IP blocks so that everything can continue to work properly. That also included the IP address This does not mean that is suspicious. The IP address just fell into a block that we as a whole had blocked to guarantee the stability of our platform. We have now whitelisted that IP address. Could you try again?”

I did, and everything is working perfectly again.

Thank you Rod and Ben for your help.

I’m having the same troubles. I’ve contacted my hosts and they have confirmed nothing is being blacklisted. Is there another solution?

Hey Guys,

Any update on whether there could be another solution ?

Still stuck on v2.0.10

You’re trying to upgrade to Backlight 3 from Backlight 2?

Did you purchase Backlight 3 using the same email address as you used when purchasing a Backlight 2?

100% sure. Both emails the same

Yes, Backlight 3 from Backlight 2.

Any error message? Or is it that it shows no updates are available at all?

Hi @evagoras, something is blocking access, whether your host has explicitly blocked access or not. Can you provide me with FTP access via direct message so that I can try and see what the issue is?