Permission denied (13) issue

Something went wrong
Unexpected error: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(…/backlight/data/sessions) failed: Permission denied (13) in AuthHelper.php on line 194
How do I resolve this?

See if this helps

Is this a new installation? Or had your site been working properly up to this point?
If this just started, is Backlight up to date? Are you using BL4 or BL5?
What version of php is your host using. You can find that at Backlight > Admin > Special Links > View PHP Info

This is an older installation which was upgraded from BL 4 to 5, and later moved from php 7.4 to a 8.1 server. It worked properly on 7.4. I’ll share the PHP info as a PDF.


I am also getting an error in Lightroom when trying to publish.

"Can’t update this collection. Unable to perform action:uploadRendition

Unexpected error: sessionstart(): ps_files_cleanup_dir:
opendir(…/backlight/data/sessions) failed: Permission denied (13) in AuthHelper.php on line 194.

The prior advice on changing folder permissions didn’t help.

/ Steen

@Ben will probably need to take a look. He may need Backlight and FTP access. You can save some time by privately messaging him those credentials. You can do so by clicking on his name and then clicking the blue Message button.

Did you check out that link on setting permissions that I posted above?

Hi @sknarberg, thanks for the access. This is caused by PHP attempting to read the backlight/data/sessions folder to try and delete old sessions. I’ve tried to change the permissions so that it can read that directory, but nothing I’ve tried works.
I’ve instead added your host to a list of exceptions so that sessions will instead be saved in the standard directory. The error’s not showing up any more. I’ve changed this both on your server and in our code for the next update. This should continue to work properly and there’s nothing else you should need to do.

For some background: many hosts had broken configurations for session handling and it was quite a headache for several users and for support. We changed Backlight to saves session within backlight/data/sessions to avoid this issue. Since using the standard configuration is working for you, this change away from backlight/data/sessions shouldn’t cause you any issues.

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