Search on Keywords?

Hi there,

I have read the search information at:

With this I have a number of images with “waterfall” as one of the keywords in the meta-data attached to the image.

When I search on my site though, those images don’t appear (only a few do with a place “waterfall bay”)

Any ideas why this search isn’t working ok?


Did you happen to add any keywords after initially publishing the images?


I had some images published in the album, then I deleted them all and I uploaded the same images again plus some others.

Would that make any difference?


and from memory, the original images that were there (with the exact same keywords) return all ok in a “waterfall” search…

are you using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher?
Have you tried clearing browser cache?

It might help to have a link to the site.

Hi Rod,

Backlight Publisher… apologies thought I posted the link…

Really appreciate your help.


When you export your images from whatever image editor/ cataloging program you’re using, are keywords included?

Yes, I am using Photo Mechanic and keywords are exported. You can see them on the EXIF meta-data when you right click on an image - they are under, “TAGS” in properties on a Windows Machine.

I’m just about out of guesses.
Is this happening for all keywords.
Are any albums hidden from search?

Only have the one album, Rod. No not hidden from search.

Funny thing in if I search for “Falls” up comes up all the results for the “Waterfall” keyword, but they won’t come up if I type in “Waterfall” only.

Really strange, Rod. I just deleted the album and uploaded all the images again.

Still not returning the correct photos based on the “Waterfall” tag. :frowning:

Hi Rod…

More testing. I changed the order of the keywords and put “Waterfall” at the front of the list on one image - uploaded that and now that one returns ok in the search results.

Perhaps because “Waterfall” is the last keyword it is not picking it up… or I am using too many keywords? Is there an number of characters or keywords that can be used?


No, not that I know of. Maybe @Ben will have an idea.

“Tags” Not “Keywords”?
There’s an IPTC field named “keywords.” There are apparently also tags.

In Photo Mechanic, double check that you’re using the IPTC Keywords metadata field.

Hi @Chumby, there’s no limit on the number of keywords that I’m aware of.

I still have the Backlight admin login for your site. Do you mind if I log in and take a look at the database? If so, can you point me to an album and specific photo that you think should be matching on ‘waterfall’ but isn’t?

Hi @Ben,

Ok. No worries at all. Just really weird. Yes you can go in.

This image is coming up ok in the search for waterfall - as it has the keyword “Waterfall” at the front of the list

The same image (different name) is not coming up. Only difference is the keyword is at the end of the keyword list.

I only have the one album “stock/images” that I am using.

For some reason everything was working fine a while back regarding search but now not so.

If you search for “Falls” all my images with waterfalls are appearing. Ironically “Falls” is not a keyword I use.


Thanks, @Chumby. I’ve checked the database and the only keyword saved for this photo is “north east”.
That would be why it’s not coming up when searching for ‘waterfall’. It’s most likely coming up on a search for ‘falls’ due to filename matching.

Hi @Ben, That is really strange and I have no idea why that is the case. All the other images that I have exported seem to have all the keywords in place.

I think the best thing to do will be to change the order of the keywords (putting waterfall in front) on all my waterfall images and reupload - see if that fixes it.

Will let you know how I go. Thanks for the help.


Hi @Chumby, can you please email me the original image you’re trying to upload, with the keywords in the order that hasn’t been working properly? I’ll try it on my end to see what’s happening.

No worries @Ben have sent them through…