Shipping Options in BL4M

Hey Guys,
I can’t seem to remember this one, where in Backlight do you tell a Gallery Store, which shipping ‘Delivery Methods’ are available to the buyer? Such as Flat-Rate, International, etc.
As in, I want one particular Client’s Gallery Store to have only a ‘Flat Rate’ option with their orders. But my other Galleries have multiple accumulative pricing shipping options.
The Shipping is a pull-down select, so I assume I can have some of those options unavailable for certain pages and Pricing Schemes. Correct?
FYI, I am using Lightroom Publisher to load my Client Galleries, if that matters.

Shipping prices can be set on a per product basis, but not per gallery. I suppose you could set up different products for your flat rate clients.

I believe the shipping options are unchanged from previous versions so this post should still apply:

more details in the documentation:

Cool. Thanks Rod. That’ll work.