SSL on backlight 2

Hi guys, I have been setting up SSL on various sites, as browsers see to all be giving security warnings when you don’t.

I have managed to set it up on my blog, through Wordpress Using Really Simple SSL. How do I set up SSL on the rest of the site

Thank you for any help.

in Backlight Settings > Personalization, first make sure the site url starts with https.

then , in the Privacy section of Settings, enable https redirects.

If you are using any inline images in page text, make sure you update those urls

oops, just realized this was in the Legacy Product topic.
What version of TTG product are you using?

I’m using Backlight 2 Rod, thank you. I tried changing the site URL to https but I then lost all the photo links,. I guess enabling https will fix that? I have a bunch of galleries from Lightroom publisher, will I need to do anything specific to fix those?

be sure to set the https redirect in the Privacy section of Settings

You’ll need to change the API url in Lightroom to add the https as well

you may need to click on the Update Album Files link in the main Backlight dashboard.

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It looks like your site is on https, but some internal links are still http so the site is not deemed secure.

Check your menusets! If you are using URLs, either change them to start with a ‘/’ or ‘https’. Your site URL needs to be updated as well. If you still encounter an issue, don’t revert it back since then we would not see what’s going on.

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Thanks for your help guys, I have changed the site url in settings to start https: and have enabled https: redirects, which seemed to be enough for everything to look fixed. For good order I changed the API url in Lightroom too. My legacy galleries all seem fine on my Mac and I can download photos without any problems (even without republishing from Lightroom after the changes). However when I try to download a hires version on my iphone using the chrome browser, I get this…

Any ideas why downloading to an iphone would not work

Browser cache perhaps?

Good idea but clearing browser history doesn’t seem to work

very weird, Safari works fine.

Curious. I’m able to download images using Chrome. But if I enable Chrome’s responsive mode, then I get 403 Forbidden errors trying to download the same image.

So the difference is that on mobile, we attempt to load the image in the browser, rather than just download the file to the local file system. From there, it can be saved in the usual way you save things on phones.

So I’m guessing there’s a permissions problem with the folder, preventing the browser from loading the image. Can you ask your host about it?

Thanks Matthew, if I click on the permalink Icon the image can download fine on Chrome on the iphone. I can check with my host Krystal but I’m not sure what the question is?

The permissions on the photos-for-download directory are as follows

Your site is, but I noticed that the image links are… .

Do you use for your site URL? If yes, please try without the www.

I have done that Daniel, thanks, no change to the above issue though

Hmm… I would try to clear the template cache (Backlight > Designer > Templates > Clear Template Cache) and update the album files (Backlight Dashboard > Special Links > Update Album Files).

May be permissions on the files themselves. A 403 error specifically indicates a permissions error; the file is found, but you’re being denied access.

That the HTML is able to load the image, but YOU are not, seems to support this hypothesis.

See this as potentially relevant:

The Permission on the images in the the hi-res folder are 644 which seems correct?

Sort of depends on your server configuration, file permission vs. ownership, and security mods. You should contact your host to ask why the browser gets 403 when loading the images.

Coming back on this post, I have started getting the error “Your connection is not private” when I navigate to on Chrome on my iphone and ipad, no problem on my Mac. Any idea why that could be?

Seems I’m only getting your site over HTTPS, so I wouldn’t expect to see that. Maybe a good question for your host. I am personally seeing your site loading very slowly, though.

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