Upgrade from OKAPI to PANGOLIN part 2 Mobile

This is a sequel to the original topic Upgrade from OKAPI to PANGOLIN.

One problem is the Navigation: it’s invisible!
It is now set as horizontal and in the header. This works fine on larger screens but from 1024 and smaller the navigation menu disappears.
But I fail to find any settings for Mobile in Backlight.

Under the Navigation section of the page template, have you by chance disabled Vertical navigation?

Yes…but now, I have enabled it in Pallet 1 and all’s well.

Thank you.

Another issue on the Mobile site: the Client Response doesn’t show on the album page.
The CR is activated and works fine on the larger screens.

What part is not showing? If it’s the icons on the thumbnails, I believe that’s by design

Then, how is one to make a selection? Unless the reasoning is that selecting an iPhone or a tablet is not expected.

The select icon is on the large image. You may need to use slideshow mode

Looks like that. I’ll try slideshow mode. Can I use it on Mobile only?


Well, in the end, slide show mode I can live with. Looks OK. Thank you Rod.

I will do a revision and work with this for awhile, but I think the upgrade is finally set!

I’m seeing selection icons on thumbnails for everything but my iPhone in portrait mode

Just when you think it’s over, it’s not!

As suggested, I now display the large images in slideshow mode and it’s alright even though it’s not quite the “look” as the rest of the site.
But the issue is: that whenever I get out of large image mode to get back to the album with all the thumbnails, a few thumbnails are missing. Don’t know why but it happens every time.

Any clue as to why?
The Album…

The large image display…

It’s not happening for me. My guess is that it’s just taking time for your phone to reload the images.

Actually, it happens with the large screen, at least with displays larger than the phone…(I have no tablet).
In fact, the last image seen in the slide show is the one left blank when back in album mode. A screen refresh or a toggle back to « Productions » will reveal the missing image.

Oh. I thought you were checking mobile behavior (given the name of the topic :wink:)

I’m sorry about that…but since the switch to slide show mode had been done to solve an issue with the mobile…

I’m only seeing it happen on the desktop version. I don’t know why it’s happening, perhaps @Matthew will.

it is a pretty big album though, so reloading might be an issue. Have you ever experimented with the Lazy Loading settings in the album template? I’ve never needed to, so I don’t know what to expect with it.


Tried settings at 10, 50, and 100 images in LAZY LOADING. Same result.
The last image seen as a large image either single or in the slide show is the one that does not show when back in the album thumbnails. Even tried to click on the black space where the image was and got no response. Must refresh or toggle in and out of the album to get to see it.

@Matthew will need to take a look

Thank you.