Watermark not being created

Hi @Ben Ben, is it possible that the watermark is not created even when publishing. I noticed that my latest photos which I transferred with the new version of Publisher the watermark is missing in the images (both in the thumbnail and in the big image). I have checked the settings in the album and publisher service.

Have you tried republishing, making sure that the “Push metadata without updating existing photos” option is disabled?

Yes, the options are disabled. I have explicitly transferred new images as well.I have still attached the setting for confirmation.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-10 um 17.51.06
Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-10 um 17.52.46

Try unchecking the “Exclude watermarks…” options and republish.

I have already tested this with a new image. This should eliminate update problems. There was no change.

And you’ve unchecked “Exclude watermarks”?

And Watermark is checked in Lightroom Publisher?
If the watermark is a graphic image, is that graphic available to Publisher?

I have checked all settings again:

  • unchecked “Exclude watermarks”? → yes
  • Watermark is checked in Lightroom Publisher? → yes

The watermark is registered as text in LR

I have also completely re-released an existing album that I released a long time ago (before 2022). No settings were changed. Also with these pictures the watermarks are missing.

Therefore, I think it must be something with the Publisher to and the LR version a connection.

@Ben will need to look into it. He’ll likely need Backlight access and perhaps FTP access. A link to an album would also be helpful.
You can send him a private message with Backlight login info by clicking on his name and then the blue message button.